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What is making insurance more expensive & harder to find right now?

What is making insurance more expensive & harder to find right now?

High inflation, severe weather events and broad social trends are making insurance more expensive and harder to find right now. Learn what’s behind the hard market and how we can help.

Why is my insurance bill so high?
Insurance companies are raising rates to keep pace with rising costs, so they can continue to pay out claims. They pay to repair and rebuild houses, fix cars, and cover hospital bills for people who've been hurt in accidents. These costs have skyrocketed for a bunch of reasons. Some of them you’re probably familiar with, like higher labor and materials costs and supply-chain issues.

But I didn’t have a claim — why am I affected?

Claims history is just one factor in your rates — this increase reflects industry-wide trends that are affecting all policyholders right now. Like any business, insurance companies must raise rates when their costs rise. Right now they’re dealing with inflation plus unexpected costs from more frequent and severe catastrophic weather events, increasing medical costs and legal system abuse.

Can you get me a better rate?

My job is to help you find the protection you need at a competitive rate. Right now insurance companies across the board are raising rates and being pickier about what they’ll cover. Let’s review your account to see if switching carriers makes sense — or if adjusting deductibles, coverages or discounts could give you a better overall value.