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Help Prevent Theft During The Holiday Season

Help Prevent Theft During The Holiday Season

Follow the tips below to help keep your property safe while you’re away during this holiday season and prevent burglars from putting a damper on your holiday plans:

> If you have neighbors you know and trust, let them

know to keep an eye on your home.

> Either stop your mail and newspaper delivery or have

your neighbors pick up these items while you’re away.

A full mailbox is a dead giveaway to would-be criminals

that the house is unoccupied.

> In case you haven’t already done so, make sure you

have a current home inventory available. Include

details about your valuable items, including serial

numbers, models, and even photographs if possible.

> If you’re planning to be away, keep your travel plans off

of social media.

> Install motion-activated outdoor lighting, if you have


> Utilize timers or smart lighting inside your home.

Timers are relatively inexpensive, and using them on

lamps or other lighting sources can create the illusion

that someone is home – even when they’re away.

> Close your curtains or blinds before you leave.

> If you’ve recently purchased big ticket items and have

their accompanying boxes laying around, be sure to

break them down or cut them up before disposing of


> Reconsider leaving packages under the tree when

you’re away.

> Secure your valuables in hidden places