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Eight Tips: Prepare Your Home For Winter Weather

Eight Tips: Prepare Your Home For Winter Weather

As temperatures begin to drop and homeowners work to complete their fall cleanup, now is a great time to complete some additional maintenance tasks that help to keep a home in good working order for the extreme cold, snow and rain of the upcoming winter months.

The following checklist can help homeowners to prepare their homes and eliminate unnecessary damage, as well as help save on heat-related utility expenses:

> Winterize air conditioning systems. Window units can be removed and stored, and central air units can be covered with a

tarp or plastic sheeting and secured with bungee cords.

> Check the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, especially if there is a wood-burning stove or fireplace in

the home.

> If the home has a sump pump, be sure to test it to ensure that the basement stays dry in the event of flooding.

> Check for air leaks around windows and doors. As needed, install new weather stripping and caulk to help combat heat

loss in the winter months.

> Be sure that heating vents are open, and are not blocked by furniture or other items.

> Reverse the direction of ceiling fans. Running the blades in a clockwise position pushes heated air down.

> Shut off outdoor water faucets, and remember to flush and store hoses. If you have a sprinkler system, be sure to

winterize that as well.

> Inspect driveways, sidewalks and pavement for cracks. Seal cracks before winter, as water inside the cracks can freeze

and expand, causing further damage.